Homemade natural face cleansers are healthy for your skin

I’ve been making my own homemade face cleanser for several months now. I’ve made two different recipes, but have not been totally satisfied with either one. So I’m on the hunt for a new homemade face wash recipe (or recipes!) to try.

I first consulted my essential oils books and manual from a class I took last spring. I got some inspiration for a couple of anti-aging recipes I want to try, but I want more ideas. So, in the interest of doing thorough and proper research, I headed over to Pinterest.

Boy, did I hit the motherlode of inspiration and ideas! There are homemade face cleanser recipes GALORE! I can’t decide which to try first, so I’m going to share them with you and hopefully one will bubble to the top as my favorite. Here goes!

Anti-Aging Homemade Face Cleanser Recipe

This recipe intrigues me because it uses probiotic capsules. I’ve not used probiotics in any of my skincare recipes yet, so this homemade face wash recipe makes me curious about their effectiveness.

Anti-Wrinkle Homemade Face Cleanser

Yes, another anti-aging homemade face wash of sorts. Because, well, I turned 50 last year, so wrinkles and aging are a concern. But I’m hoping one of these natural cleansers for my face will make them less of a concern. This one uses raw honey and baking soda as a base for the essential oils, so it’s more of a scrub.

Customizable Homemade Face Cleanser

But seriously, we all have skin that changes from season to season. Or even week to week sometimes. So a customizable homemade face wash is perfect for everyone. A side note: I really like the pump that is on the jar in the picture. I haven’t seen one like that in any of the stores where I buy my supplies, but I found it here:

Easy Homemade Face Cleanser

Even though the description for this homemade face wash says “easy,” I actually think all the recipes are easy. I pinned this recipe because it’s a slight variation of the homemade face cleanser I currently use. It’s a good alternative in case I don’t find another recipe that floats my boat.

Oil Cleansing Method Homemade Face Cleanser

Here’s what’s different about this recipe: it’s a recipe for the oil cleansing method, but it mixes up as a balm. All the homemade face cleanser recipes I’ve seen using the oil cleansing method have resulted in a liquid cleanser. Not this one. It’s thicker, like a balm or salve. Hmmmm.

I have to say that this will probably be the recipe I try first. But it uses castor oil and that’s not an oil that I have on hand or am familiar with. And I really want a little blue pot to put my balm in like in the picture!

NOW Castor Oil, 16-Ounce

Heritage Store Castor Oil, 8 Ounce

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